If its adventure you seek, you can go walking, tracking, study the birds or explore. The Jawai wilderness is the unique, authentic and thrilling experience to enjoy the wilderness. Explore and experience with culture and Rabari tribal’s of Jawai, the jungles and the hill, the dam and the crocodiles and the natures best along unending stretches. Human-friendly leopards, the crocodile sighting along with migratory birds set against unending greens and water bodies thriving along the culturally rich Rabari community is a unique experience. Explore with your professional guide whilst enjoying a game drive or a hang out in the hide at a waterhole or enjoying the incredible chance to be right in the middle of a herd of Jawai wildlife – you might get splashed by leopards. Relax in camps with a drink relishing the beauty and the view. The Safaris & Camp of leopard rich Jawai offers a truly unique experience in an untouched wilderness of Rajasthan.


The service is excellent, the tour is long but thanks to the good company it becomes very fun. The people are very friendly and nice. On the food I have no complaints, the cook offered us international food with an African twist. Finally, we finished with good taste. The price is worth it, I recommend 100% this company. I would repeat this Adventure, thank you!

Ravi Rathore

We had an amazing time with Jawai Adventure on our safari. All of the rooms were welcoming and the food was great. Our guide’s knowledge of the parks and animals was highlighting as we can tell stories to go home with the photos we have taken when we get home. I will be telling all my friends and family to visit Jawai Adventure. Thank you so much!

Aman Lasod

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