Jawai Experience

Skip the hustles-bustles of the city life and spend some time in the lap of nature and wilderness with Jawai Experience

Jawai Experience is founded by Kailash Bishnoi; fell in love with the wildlife of Jawai. And today the experience we are in love with within nature is all a part of him making his dream vision coming true, which is giving you the most unforgettable Jawai Wilderness & Safari experience.

Our specialties vary from Safaris, overnight camping, dining under the stars to varied adventure activities. Our packages are designed as per The Jawai Moods. Our packages are curated partnering with a few luxury Camps and seasoned guides to offer a complete and unique experience. Our team at the camps and the safaris look forward to being your host and experience partners. Our passion for nature and Conservation is for leaving a well-protected Jawai region for the future.


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