Message From The Host

Kailash Bishnoi discovered his passion for Nature and the wild evolved from my childhood being from the Bishnoi Community of Rajasthan. I wish to be known as a protectionist and a Naturalist who can help the inhabitants of Mother Nature flourish in their natural habitat and to be a reason for exploring hidden marvels of wilderness and curiosities to be settled. Jawai has given me that reason of being.

I can be your medium and guide to come together, explore the wilderness, peep into the leopard kingdom, spot the crocodiles, off-road into the wild, and share tales of locals and folk stories of the leopard. Join me on this Journey of Leopards and preservation of The Jawai Habitat. Together we can make Jawai the Heaven for the Leopard as it always was. I routed my efforts into an Experiences company it’s called Jawai Experience in 2015 and have been the reason for many happy and awakened Naturalists and thinking environmentalists.

Experience the unexplored with Me, Kailash Bishnoi, Your Host!!

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