Jawai Leopard Sighting

Where you can easily spot a leopard at early Morning and evening it gives a wonderful sense of wild life in their presence.

Jawai Leopard Sighting is blessed with the diverse beauty of Aravali range which brings you a prodigious experience of leopards. Here you can see them in a group also. Males and females with their cubs hidden or sitting on the hills or moving around is a beauty to watch. There are some more than 50 to 60 leopard in the Jawai leopards hills were shaped by lava millions of years ago and now the natural caves house leopards and other wild animals of the area. the leopards of Jawai not only live together but also in harmony with humans which clearly contradicts that the big cats are solitary animals. As per our research and daily tracking, we have sorted some leopard safari zone where we take our visitors for leopard safari in Jawai and Bera and for wildlife photography too.

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