Jawai Bird Watching

Jawai is one of the most famous and biggest dams in the western Rajasthan state, built across the Jawai River in Pali district. Jawai Dam also has a crocodile sanctuary for Indian Mugger crocodiles and migratory birds including Sarus cranes and flamingo. A huge flock of birds comes over with a great shine. You can see many different kinds of birds, A brace of Ducks, also Kingfisher Greater Flamingo Cranes - Demoiselle, Sarus and Common Bar Headed Goose Ruddy She duck(Brahmin Duck) Egret and Cormorant Peregrine Falcon Osprey, Hawk, White Pelican, Black-winged Stilt Eagle Owl, Shikra, Black-winged kite, Hoopoe a small and brightly colored bird. A variety of birds attracts you towards them and some local birds stay there parentally.

Jawai Bandh waters lap at the toes of mighty granite forms; where flamingos flock and cranes in their hundreds dance to springtime sounds. The Jawai area is home to nearly 40 to 50 leopards, and wolf, Chinkara, crocodiles, and Jawai region is declared as a leopard conservation zone and bio-diverse area from govt. of India.

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